OLYMPIA, Wash. - What many thought and hoped was a one-time hazing incident involving Capital high school athletes has apparently happened before.

The boys' basketball coach at Capital High School, Doug Galloway, lost his coaching job this summer for failing to supervise his students during a camp at Western Washington University in June.

Older members of the team were involved in what police called forced sexual activity.

A number of players said older boys tried to put their fingers inside their bodies.

While investigating the claim, the district learned that ritual had been performed by other Capital athletes.

It even has a name, BND-ing.

One student told the district BND stands for Boys Next Door.

Students told investigators it started with members of the 2010 football team.

A mother told the district her son was subjected to it during a 2011 basketball camp in Seaside, Oregon.

One student said it started at the middle school level.

It sounds like sexual assault, said Nancy Stewart, who has a son at Capital.

For kids to do it to kids, said mother Becky Spalding, Where do they get those ideas?

District spokesperson Ryan Betz said he does not consider BND-ing part of the culture at Capital High.

We think it's a small number of student athletes that may have been involved in some of these activities. But they're very serious activities, said Betz.

Betz said the district is investigating each of the new claims that came as a result of the WWU case this summer.

He said changes could be made within the school's athletic department to make sure the hazing stops.

We want to create an environment hat's healthy for learning, healthy for growth, Betz said.

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