It seems there's a lull every late summer, a time when only a couple of restaurants open their doors. Makes sense: Most hope to open before the big summer eating rush, a time when profits can almost double thanks to extra seating outside, and extra drinking to toast blue skies and sun-kissed skin.

We're just coming out of that lull and we're now on the verge of another swell of restaurant openings. Here are a few of the restaurant's I'm excited about.

Shanik. Hoo boy. If you're one of the very many who make culinary trips to Vancouver *just* to eat at Vij's, you already know that Vikram Vij's wife, Meeru Dhalwala, is opening a restaurant in South Lake Union named for their daughter, Shanik. And I bet you're getting your tent ready to camp out front for a week to get a chance to eat there within a month of its opening. In case there's any doubtl: This is the opening of the year, and a huge get for South Lake Union. Expect world-class Indian food, a separate market with foods and spices to-go, and a full bar program overseen by Mike Bernardo, Vij's Wine Director. And expect a ton of national press about this one.

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