Some people find shopping for clothes and accessories a big hassle and really don't enjoy going to department stores or crowded malls. So, shopping online seems to be the perfect solution and in many cases, it is! Stylist Darcy Camden showed us how to enjoy the best online shopping experience and shared some of her favorite websites:

Shoedazzle -

Facebook: Shoedazzle Twitter: @ShoeDazzle

Hautelook -

Facebook: Hautelook Twitter: @Hautelook

CafePress -

Facebook: CafePress

Zara - (Darcy's favorite website!)

Facebook: Zara Twitter: @ZARA

Arch Tags -

Facebook: Arch Tags Twitter: @ArchTags

Check out Darcy's website:

Find her on Facebook: Darcy Camden

Follow her on Twitter: @DarcyCamden

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