Carnival Cruise Lines says a new policy that restricts passengers from reserving multiple deck chairs for hours at a time is working.

The company is trying the experiment out on their Carnival Breeze cruise ship. Under the new policy, a sticker marking the time will be placed on empty but saved chairs, even if they have personal items on them. All items are then removed if no one returns within 40 minutes.

The items are taken to a towel station and a note will be left behind for passengers.

Despite thousands of chairs, a lack of open spots is a common complaint among cruise ship passengers.

Carnival's senior cruise director John Heald made the policy change announcement on his Facebook page, saying the change was something passengers wanted for a long time and the company finally has enough staff to carry it out.

In a Facebook post Wednesday morning, Heald said the policy appears to be getting through to passengers because fewer items are being removed from chairs each day. During a morning check, Heald said there were 81 empty chairs around the Breeze's main pool and that as you will all remarkable.

The Carnival Breeze cruises the Mediterranean.

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