Four people are charged with kidnapping a Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier last week then shooting him with a BB gun, tasing him and tying him up after they accused him of being a drug snitch.

Frederick Clifford, 34; Melissa Parr, 33; Krista James, 30 and Jacques Gerber, 33, are charged with first-degree kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and drug charges.

According to probable cause documents, Lakewood Police were called to the JBLM to contact the victim, who stated he was kidnapped and held prisoner while the suspects tried to get money from him.

Here are some of the details from the probable cause documents presented in Pierce County Court:

-- The victim said he had bought drugs from Parr since April and had gone to the trailer on July 24 to buy methamphetamine.

-- The victim said he was hanging out with Parr and another man and woman until 1 a.m. During that time, another man showed up, pushed the victim against a wall, accused him of being a snitch and was looking to see if he was wearing a wire.

-- The victim said he was shot with a taser and a pellet gun, and then tied up with electrical cord. He did not fight back for fear it would get worse.

-- The next morning, Parr allegedly told the victim he owed her $400 for being a snitch. Parr allegedly ordered Clifford to take the victim around to get money. While they were out, the victim said Clifford introduced him to others as his hostage.

-- The victim eventually convinced Clifford to take him to JBLM to get a credit card. When they got to the gate, the victim had the clerk call military police, who then called Lakewood Police.

Clifford allegedly told police he arrived at Parr s trailer and saw Parr and another man shooting the victim with a pellet gun and tasing him. According to the court documents, Clifford said he took the victim around to get money because he was afraid of Parr.

Investigators say James admitted to seeing the victim being shot, which she described as happening 100 times. She allegedly said she went along with it because she was also afraid of Parr and the other man who was there.

The victim identified Gerber as the other man who shot him and kept him from leaving. Parr allegedly told police she dealt drugs and that Gerber was her supplier.

Police say a BB gun, methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia was found at the trailer.

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