BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- The parents of two teenagedrowning victimsappeared before the Bonney Lake city council Tuesday night asking for better signage and lifeguards on Lake Tapps.

Yvette and Lawrence Boggan lost their son Quentin last Thursday when he drowned at a popular swimming area known as Allen Yorke Park. The 16 year old was celebrating the last day of schoolfor Bonney Lake high schoolwith his friends and older brother. He drowned trying to swim between two docks. There is no lifeguard for the swimming area.

Tina Lombard says her son Robert Harrison of Federal Way drowned on the north end of Lake Tapps last September. She said if there was a phone, any warning signs, a lifeguard, or a roped-in area safe for swimmers, it might have made a difference.

The mayor of Bonney Lake tells KING 5 that because it is a reservoir, it is considerably colder than most lakes and that could be a safety factor. He promised the parents better signage and that the council would look into staffing a lifeguard.

The city of Bonney Lake only hasjurisdiction of a small southern portion of Lake Tapps, but might be able to work with other cities or counties to come up with a plan.

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