A Seattle company will remove the 66-foot long dock that washed away in the 2011 Japan tsunami and drifted to the Oregon Coast earlier this month.

The Vancouver, Washington branch of Ballard Diving and Salvage will dismantle the dock on shore and remove it for $84,155.

Since washing ashore on Agate Beach north of Newport, Oregon, the dock has become a tourist attraction. Some have suggested leaving it on the beach. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said portions of the dock will be used for a local memorial.

Bids for dismantling and removing the dock ranged from $79,922 to $240,000, according to the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation.

A steady stream of tsunami debris has made its way to Washington's shores in the last few weeks. Near Neah Bay, kayakers found pieces of what may be a house, as well as other household items such as a bottle of cherry cough syrup and a laundry hamper.

A 20-foot fiberglass that drifted to Ilwaco last week was identified as being from the Japanese island of Honshu. The owner has said he does not want the boat returned to him.

Ballard Diving, along with others, is positioning itself for more contracts with West Coast states and local governments where debris washes up. Both Oregon and Washington have asked for federal help to pay for the cost of removing not only the tsunami debris, but even more items expected to wash up in coming months.

At this point, the states and local governments are hoping to get funding from the federal government to pay for the cleanups. Their own budgets are stretched and they admittedly did not plan for a major tsunami debris problem. Federal money is also tightening up.

KING 5's Gary Chittim, Lindsay Chamberlain and KGW's Teresa Blackman contributed to this report.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly cited an additional marine removal project.

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