SEATTLE - Ryan Burr was walking near the Folklife Festival Saturday and trying to enjoy his day when suddenly everything changed..

I'd gotten off work at 3:30. I was just taking my time walking. I just wanted to walk around town and read my novel, he said. While waiting to go across the crosswalk that's when gun fire rang out.

Police say two men were fighting. One of them pulled out a gun and opened fire. A bullet passed through Burr's calf. Doctors say he's going to be OK.

I'm trying to process the fact I could be dead. It will take some time I guess, he said.

Burr's shooting is one of several in recent days that have community leaders concerned. Seattle Pastor Lawrence Willis is calling for an end to the violence.

We've got to come together with this, we've got to come out on the streets then we have to be a visible force to let those that are committing the crime know we're not going to tolerate it, he said.

Willis and other leaders are meeting with the mayor this week to work on a plan.

We have to stop it. It's somebody's parents, it's somebody's child ... as pastors we're doing too many funerals, he said.

Burr is grateful that he's going to be okay but hopes things start to calm down

I don't know what more or how unaware someone can be in this stage of the game about how you can ruin someone's life by opening fire, he said.

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