Most 20 year olds can say that they went to high school, and have gone to at least some college, but that's mostly as far as it goes. For Kalieb Nash, however, that's not the case.

Only 20 years old and he's already sung the national anthem for the Seattle Supersonics andStorm. He opened for Bobby Jones Gospel at the age of 9, and he performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. And, he's only going up from here.

Kalieb performed his version of the song His Eye and chatted with Margaret about his career and musical inspirations.

If you'd like to hear more from Kalieb, you can attend a concert on Friday, May 25 at 88 Keys in Seattle. Or, you can attend the Seattle Storm game on June 1st to hear him sing the national anthem.

Here's more information about the Shut the Stage Down show Friday night at 88 Keys, please click here.

Visit his website by clickinghere.

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