Are you so connected to your cell phone that you are actually afraid of being separated from it?

NBCMiami.com reports a new study has found such fear is on the rise and it has a name Nomophobia, meaning No mobile phone phobia.

The study, conducted by mobile phone tech company SecurEnvoy, found that 66 percent of people have Nomophobia. That s up 13 percent from a similar study four years ago.

The study also found people check their cell phones an average of 34 times a day. Seventy-five percent of people use their cell phones in the bathroom.

Nomophobes are more likely to be younger users, and women are more likely to be afflicted than men.

Reported warning signs of Nomophobia include obsessively checking your phone, constantly worrying about losing it even when it's in a safe place, and never turning it off.

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