Texting while walking down the street can be dangerous - you never know what you might walk into.

One California man got quite a surprise when he looked up from his phone and realized a 400-pound black bear was standing right in front of him.

A TV helicopter crew captured the incident on video in La Crescenta in Southern California. The black bear was roaming through the neighborhood when the unaware homeowner, engrossed in his mobile phone, walked straight towards it.

When the man finally noticed the animal, he took off running.

I was texting my boss that I would be late for work because something is going on, and I m coming down the stairs and I see the bear coming up the stairs toward me, Vaz Terdandenyan told KTLA-TV. I turned back and I ran for my life. I guess running for a marathon came in handy because I was in shape to run away!

Luckily the bear was in a good mood and didn't attack Terdandenyan. It wandered through the neighborhood into a resident's backyard, where fish and wildlife agents eventually tranquilized it.

The black bear was later released deep into the Angeles National Forest.

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