SILVERDALE, Wash. -- At the Olympic Peninsula Autism Center in Silverdale, Sara Hall savors a hand drawn picture from her 3 year old daughter Emma.

A year ago, Hall's twins, Emma and Delaney, couldn't talk and doctors thought Delaney might even be deaf.

She was so disconnected with her diagnosis of autism she had absolutely zero communication, said Hall.

Frustrated with the lack of options, Hall opened an autism center of her own with therapists giving one-on-one treatment to children like Emma and Delaney.

I feel like now we have a place where parents can come and say help me and we can provide the help, said Hall.

According to the National Health Federation, the rate of autism for military families is 1 in 88. That's now in line with the national average, which up until the CDC's recent findings, was 1 in 110.

Hall therozies there are more cases in military towns because of access to health care. She'd like to see there be more options for treatment.

Childhood diabetes, cancers everything still receives more funding than autism, she said.

Halls center serves 16 children across the spectrum, from severe to mild autism.

So many kids in the area are not getting the adequate treatment they deserve, said Hall.

She says, now that we know the problem, she hopes more people will join her in offering solutions.

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