SEATTLE -- A Boeing worker whose legs were crushed under the wheel of a 787 in February leaves the hospital with a tale to tell.

30-year-old Joshua Divers said he was walking along a moving 787 at Paine Field when he tripped and fell.

I saw my feet folding up, like hot dog style, as my feet were being crushed and it was like a surreal dream, said Divers.

Divers was dragged about 12 feet feeling his muscles, tendons and skin pulling and tearing.

When I was trapped, I remember breaking my femur, and that didn't hurt at all because of all the pain that was in my feet, said Divers.

He told his father how he hugged a piece of equipment to make himself small in order to keep his head from being crushed by the wheel of the plane.

My hoodie started getting pulled underneath the tire and my head was starting to go underneath the tire. So, I just held harder and harder, said Divers.

Even then, doctors had to amputate both of Divers legs below the knees. Doctors used modern grafting techniques to help save Diver's knees, which will make his prosthetics work more effectively.

Without knees you can't even do [stand] this. The prosthetic has an artificial knee but it won't give you power, said Dr. Doug Smith, an orthopedic surgeon with Harborview Medical Center.

Divers endured eight surgeries in all and should be getting prosthetic legs in 6 to 8 weeks.
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