Who'd have thought cancer would be something to sing about?

One California musician -- and cancer survivor -- is doing just that, taking his Musical Hope Campaign on the road to cancer patients across the country ... and the world.

I loved singing all my life, but I really didn't have the guts to do it full time, said Charlie Lustman.

But in 2006 he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his jaw. He started writing songs about his experience fighting the disease, and he was able to keep singing even after he lost part of his jaw to the cancer.

Lustman's Pied Piper message isn't only for cancer patients.

Anything's possible. Anything is possible, he said. I just sang for you songs with a prosthetic jaw. So what's stopping you in your life? Right?

Lustman brought his act and hopeful message to Tacoma recently, where he serenaded patients at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma.

One patient he heard him said, That was awesome. I could lay in bed and have a concert here. I loved it . Thanks you so much, ...You don't know how much this means to me. I'm not kidding you. There's been a few bad days and you came in a something changed and it's good.

Lustman said he also wants to increase awareness of sarcomas -- cancers that affect the body's connective tissue, like bones and ligaments.

More on Lustman's campaign is available online -- -- and on Facebook.

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