STANWOOD, Wash. A mudslide destroyed a home in Stanwood and damaged another one on Wednesday.

No one was hurt.

Firefighters had their fingers crossed as they searched the wreckage of two homes at the base of the hillside that was still threatening to come down. A hundred feet of it already had, taking out one home, which was vacant at the time, and severely damaging another.

Second house was occupied; however, they were uninjured and were able to get out safely, said Bat. Chief Christian Davis.

One homeowner returned to find his house was a total loss. Firefighters say he told them he had been there hours earlier and took the dog when he left.

Neighbors say they often get nervous living here, where the only road in is threatened by an unstable hillside.

We've had three or four slides all the way up to Kayak Point, the hill s been sliding every time we get a big rain, said Nick Kortekaas.

Firefighters say there were nervous moments when they arrived on the scene - little time to check the hillside for stability, but no time to waste if someone was inside.

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