EVERETT -- Rachel Scott's story of how a single person can start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion has been shared in scores of middle and high schools, but View Ridgebecame the first elementary in Everett to get onboard with a beat box master Neil McIntyre.

Say Rachel's! shouts McIntyre. Rachel's! scream the kids. Say challenge! yells McIntyre. Challenge! roar the students.

Rachel Scott died in the Columbine shootings thirteen years ago but not before vowing to start a chain reaction of kindness. Hundreds of schools across the country have adopted Rachel's Challenge to practice kindness and compassion to fight bullying and alienation in schools.

The View Ridge students will write down acts of kindness they see on paper links and create a chain to drape throughout their school.

You can involve (others) in games you play at recess, you can invite (others) to sit with you if they're alone, said Annika Larsen.

We know that when a student is kind to another, others notice, said principal Kert Lenseigne. They're looking to be recognized when they do well.

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