There's nothing worse than having to move during the Super Bowl. One should remain planted and copiously fed; that's basic Super Bowl protocol. (Exceptions will be made for pit stops and trips to the keg-erator, of course). Once I've claimed my spot on the couch there's no way I'm getting up unless a toddler is bleeding or the smoke alarm goes off. So I prepare ahead of time, which means dips, chips and the sandwiches of my youth, all of which are extremely easy to prepare at home, or buy locally, depending on your pregame energy level.


MAKE IT: Ask any friend of mine and they'll tell you I always make onion dip for parties. The difference between homemade dip and store-bought cannot be overstated. Try Ina's; it's a great starting point and you can add herbs if you want. Pour out a bag of salt-and-pepper chips and voila! You're a genius.

If you don't want to do onion dip, start with equal parts mayo, cream cheese and sour cream, then add smoked salmon, chives, lemon juice and finely diced shallot; or make a blue cheese dip by adding a little minced garlic, Gorgonzola, minced green onion tops, a dash of Worcestershire and a touch of red wine vinegar to that trio of mayo, cream cheese and sour cream. Just remember: Super Bowl Sunday is not the time to start your diet; full-fat versions of each of the above are the key to delicious dip.

BUY IT:Pasta & Co. has a great lineup of good dips; PCC and Met Market have their own house-made dips and also carry some from great local companies like Willapa Hills (makers of insane Bacon Blue Cheese and Chipotle Honey dips of your fantasies). When in doubt, heat it up: almost every dip tastes even better piping hot from the oven.

To read about the other three Super Bowl food groups, read the full story at Seattle Mag.

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