Major developments Thursday in the appeals trial for Amanda Knox:

  • The defense for Amanda Knox delivered its final arguments to the court.
  • Defense lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova described Knox as an innocent girl who's been crucified in the media and was wrongly convicted of killing her roommate. He urged the court not to be afraid to correct a mistake.
  • Dalla Vedova said the conviction has swept away her life, adding that Knox had been hit by a tsunami, a tornado.
  • Rebuttals by the prosecution and defense come next and could possibly last through Monday. After the rebuttals finish, Knox will have the opportunity to make a final declaration to the court before deliberations begin.
  • If two judges and six jurors overturn Knox s conviction, Knox could be freed within a day or two. If they uphold her conviction, her lawyers could appeal her case to the Italian Supreme Court.


PHOTOS: Amanda Knox appeals trial enters final phase


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