SEATTLE A one-time University of Washington student has been charged with skimming almost $400,000 from unsuspecting bank accounts.

Federal Attorneys charged 22-year-old Beneyam G-Sellassie with possession of counterfeit or unauthorized access devices. They say he used skimmers, which pull electronic bank information, in multiple locations across four states. Almost 600 people lost money in their accounts, which were all held by Chase bank.

In one incident, at a Chase branch in Seattle s Laurelhurst neighborhood, agents says G-Sellassie could been seen on surveillance video installing the device. The man seen in the image was wearing an FBI hat, which prosecutors say stood for Female Body Inspector. Attorneys also say he printed out official looking Chase flyers to direct people to the compromised devices.

G-Sellassie was formally charged on Wednesday, along with two other men in an unrelated case.

Ionut Buzbuchi and Mihai Elekes also face bank fraud charges after attorneys says they also ran a skimming operations which targeted multiple banks across Washington State.

A Chase spokesperson says compromised clients will be reimbursed for any losses.

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