BOTHELL, Wash. -- 9-year-old Rachel Beckwith was critically injured in the pileup accident on I-90 two days ago. The pastor at her church says Harborview doctors have given her family heartbreaking news.

They realized the spinal chord was severed so there was nothing that doctors could do, says Jeremy Johnson, the teaching pastor at Eastlake Church in Bothell.

Her family and her church are determined that her energy lives on.

She just throws everything she has into what she believes in, Johnson says.

Johnson says for her last birthday, Rachel gave everything she could to a charity that provides clean water to developing countries.

She didn't want any presents. She didn't want a celebration, says Johnson. She wanted to donate all of that to Charity Water. Her goal, her big crazy goal, was to raise three hundred dollars so that 15 kids in Africa would have safe clean water.

She fell short 80 dollars. So tonight, through their website and Twitter, Eastlake Church decided to publicize her fund raising mission. And the donations started flowing in, raising about a thousand dollars an hour at last check for Charity Water.

Even in her last hours, this young girl is teaching others to give.

I've learned that I need to act now, that I need to be selfless, and out of my selflessness I can make a difference, says Johnson.

If you're interested in helping Rachel's cause, visit her website here:

Her church is also trying to raise money for her medical bills. To visit their website, click here.

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