Sonics great Fred Brown is selling his championship ring. Grey Flannel Auctionstook bids for the 1979 title ring. It eventually sold for $115,242.

Paul Silvi spoke with Downtown Freddie Brown Wednesday afternoon. Brown says his wife was going through some of their old stuff and decided to get rid of some things. The purge included old Sonics memoribilia and sweatpants. Andunbeknownest to Fred,his 1979 championship ring was in the lot. Fred found out about it from his wife days after the fact. She told him she was going to donate the money raised to charities. SoBrown told his wife that he supports her 100percent .

Brownsays he knows he'll get some calls about selling his old Sonics gear and ring, but he claims he doesn't care about memoribilia nor did hereally collectit.

Another Sonics great also tells OKCto stick it. Here's Shawn Kemp's interview with KJR 950AM. OKCasked him to sit courtside in Denver for a playoff game. Man, can Clay Bubba Bennett be anymore disrespectful to the Sonics faithful? First he stole the Sonics. Just recently, they startedselling an OKChat with the year the Sonics were founded. Then asking the Reign Man to come to a game. What's next?Will Bennettask if OKCcan play an exhibition game at KeyArena?

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