PUYALLUP, Wash. Supporters of a popular high school principal who believe he was forced to resign are coming to his defense.

Rogers High School Principal Scott Brittain went as a chaperone with the Rogers Blue Note Choir on a trip to California. The district said Brittain wasn't authorized to go.

The parents, the students, the staff, everyone is angry at the school board. It could not have been handled any worse, said parent Janeen Morris, a Brittain supporter.

The district also said Brittain taught a chemistry class at the school on his own time, which is a violation.

Friday was Brittain's first day back after three weeks on administrative leave. But he won't be there long. He's resigning after the district notified him he couldn't come back next year as principal.

I'm still sad. This should have never happened in the first place, Morris said.

Supporters are asking the school board to reconsider.

I know three of the school board members are up for reelection in November and if Mr. Brittain is not brought back, I don't they will be back either, Morris said.

No one from the district would talk on camera but they issued this statement:

The district has suspended its investigation on all issues regarding Mr. Brittain and will not be making any findings or final determinations regarding the issues that are under review.

A spokesperson said there were other violations that were never investigated after Brittain decided to resign.

The school board meets Monday at 6:30 p.m. at Ballou Junior High.

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