SEATTLE -- Seattle Public Utilities will update a city council committee Tuesday on its efforts to replace hundreds ofstorm drains that are hazardous to bicyclists.

During the past couple years, the city has surveyed thousands of storm drains along the city's bike routes. More than 1,000 were considered hazardous enough to warrant replacement. About two-thirds of those drains have already been replaced.

The most hazardous drainshavebroken or missing pieces, which can force bicyclists to move into trafficwith little notice.

Other older drains are designed in a way that makes it easy for bicycle wheels to get caught.

They were perfect for grabbing your front wheel and throwing you down the street, said David Hiller, advocacy director for the Cascade Bicycle Club.

Hiller applauded the city for working to replace the most troublesome drains, which have injured people in Seattle.

More often than not, you're looking at property damage and bumps and bruises, Hiller said. But we have encountered individuals who've had serious, permanent, lasting injuries.

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