CHICAGO Sweetheart. Let s skip the honeymoon and go to a place where it s 20 degrees with a 10 degree wind chill -- to watch a Seahawks playoff game, instead.

About 99 times out of 100, that statement coming from a man s mouth would get him slapped, or left sleeping on the couch, or both.

Not Steve Lewis, Seahawks fan from Day 1 of the franchise. His new wife, Cheryl, is very understanding and a big fan, too.

We re supposed to be on our honeymoon this weekend, said Cheryl. Now we re in Chicago.

Yes, it s very non-traditional. It stands to reason for this couple. After all, they got married in Las Vegas, Dec. 3 by Elvis.

We decided that starting next year, we re going to spend one week in another city at a road game, said Steve. So this is the start of this whole thing.

Steve, 46, and Cheryl, 50, made the decision to come to Chicago even before the scoreboard at Qwest Field last weekend read 0:00. The next day, when the Packers-Eagles game would determine where Seattle would play this weekend, Steve was ready.

I had Stubhub up on my computer and I had two windows open, one for Chicago and one for Atlanta, just waiting to see what the outcome was, said Steve.

He even went another step. He already had his hotel room booked for Atlanta next weekend. That was assuming the Falcons would win their game Saturday night against Green Bay. But, the Falcons fell 48-21, meaning the winner of Sunday s game will host next week s NFC Championship Game.

We have nothing to lose. We re not supposed to be here. People don t think that we should be here, said Steve. The pressure s off of us. All the pressure s on (Bears quarterback) Jay Cutler.

Steve first met Cheryl online. Their first date was Sept. 21, 2008. The location? Qwest Field, as the Seahawks defeated the St. Louis Rams, 34-13. Since then, Cheryl has been quite the good luck charm for the Seahawks.

She s never been to a game that they lost, said Steve.

Cheryl says she s never been a die-hard fan, but she knows her team history.

I was a big Jim Zorn, Steve Largent fan, said Cheryl. That s when Steve reveals he caught Cheryl spending a little extra time looking at the former Washington Redskins head coach when they played the Seahawks at Qwest Field in 2008.

Since they arrived in Chicago, Friday, the newlyweds say residents here have been very nice to them. Some at the famed Billy Goat Tavern even expressed their hopes for a Seahawks win.

They whispered in our ear, We hope the Seahawks win. We re cheering for them. We don t like the Bears, said Cheryl.

For those of you think this isn t the way to spend a honeymoon, don t worry.

Were going to Hawaii in a couple weeks, said Cheryl.

For the Pro Bowl, Steve adds with a hearty laugh. The sad thing is that we come back on Feb. 6, the day the Hawks will be in the Super Bowl, so we won t be able to go to Dallas to see the Hawks beat the Patriots.

Following last week s so-called Beastquake when Marshawn Lynch s amazing touchdown run caused an actual earth tremor, Steve has called dibs on the name if it happens again this weekend.

Quake by the Lake.

On a side note, this isn t Steve s first interaction with KING 5. Before the 2009 season, KING 5 Sports Director Paul Silvi climbed Mount Rainier with former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. It just so happens that Steve was in another climbing group at the same time. They all ran into each other at Camp Muir.

We left an hour before them, said Steve, and they actually passed us on the way up, and we were almost at the summit when they were coming back down.

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