SEATTLE-- Patti Hammond is the ultimate optimist. Known to most in these parts as Mama Blue she has stood by her beloved Seahawks for 35 years. Despite a losing record and resounding lack of respect across the league,she fully expects the Seahawks to win Saturday's playoff game.

The Super Bowl champs are coming in.So, what? They'rejust another team. It don't matter to me. I believe in them, she says.

But remember -- this is Seattle where gloomy skies don't produce fair weather fans as much as they do lousy weather fans. It's like the pessimism permeates our skin like rain through an old coat.

We get good players and then they leave, saidambivalent Seattleite Debbie Prior. And as things start getting good the teamsget really bad againbecause the good players go away.

When asked if he had any faith that the Seahawks would win on Saturday, another jaded fan replied, More hope than faith. I don't think it's likely they'll win.

But there are signs thegloommay be giving way tobrighter skies. Like many, 710 ESPN Radio host Mike Salk had completely lost hope in the Hawks a few weeks ago. Now, there is a sense of...optimism? Or at least as close as many are willing to come to it.

You can start to talk yourself into the idea that on a rainy day, a cold day at Qwest Field with that crowd going nuts that maybe the Seahawks might have the right recipe, he says.

Mama Blue believes.She turns 80 on Sunday and submitted a birthday request to Coach Pete Carroll months ago.

I sent him a card and told him for my birthday I would like to have a playoff game and here we are, she smiles.

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