SEATTLE - The folks at Northwest Harvest have crunched the numbers and the numbers may surprise you.

67 cents, says Matthew Campbell, Corporate Relations Manager at Northwest Harvest. That s how much it takes Northwest Harvest to feed a family of three.

Through the combination of donations from people like you, and their ability to get food inexpensively, they can get three square meals out of this pocket change.

We can buy truckloads of rice, pasta, beans. 3 cents a pound for rice. 4 cents a pound for oats. We can stretch that dollar a lot further than if you go to the grocery store, said Campbell.

Think about it. 67 cents.

It s not even enough for a cup of coffee in this town, says Mike Regis, Northwest Harvest s Director of Procurement and Outreach.

It s enough, though, to feed Sheri Archambault s family.

I m trying not to cry, says Sheri. I m very grateful. Very grateful. Sheri lost her job. She s behind on rent and her partner just had brain surgery. So all of your donations, all of this food coming into the food bank at Seventh Avenue and Cherry Street in Seattle, helps.

It s getting us through, says Sheri.

With all the unemployed and underemployed people out there, lines are getting a lot longer at food banks. Northwest Harvest figures the need is 35 percent higher now than when the recession started two years ago. And that s where you come in -- where your 67 cents come in.

If you can spare it, says Mike Regis, we can use it.

Northwest Harvest and KING 5 will be taking food donations this Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at eight locations across Puget Sound:

  • Everett Mall
  • Alderwood Mall
  • Northgate Mall
  • Redmond Town Center
  • Westfield Southcenter Mall
  • Tacoma Mall
  • Kitsap Mall
  • Any U.S. Bank branch

Click here for the exact locations.

You can also donate using your mobile device. Just text the word hometeam to 85944. A $10 donation will be charged to your cell phone bill. That money will go to Northwest Harvest.

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