SEATTLE-- Two minutes of hope is all she had to spare with us.

KING 5 viewers first met Simmjaze Sayles in the middle of April.

Photojournalist Scott Jensen and I met her in January and started shooting her in action. By action I mean, we videotaped her standing on Seattle street corners wearing a sandwich board sign that read, I want a job.

Simmjaze was laid off after working for one company nine years. Her story was also the story of so many people out there.

We followed her for four months. After our story aired in the spring, Scott and I were certain she d get a job. We d told viewers about her struggles and showed just how hard she was working at getting work.

After our story aired, we received quite a number of emails and leads for jobs. I figured it was just a matter of time before one of those leads materialized. I was wrong.

Nine months later we caught up with Simmjaze. She no longer carries around that sandwich board sign.

I asked her for a couple of minutes of her time. Literally. This story starts when Metro bus #71 pulls up and Simmjaze gets out.

For the next two minutes we catch up with this proud woman who is more desperate than ever to find a job.

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