OLYMPIA, Wash. - Lawmakers may be glad general elections are not held in March after seeing the results of a new KING 5 poll. It shows that about two-thirds of Washington residents don't like the job they are doing.

The poll, conducted for KING 5 News and KATU-TV in Portland by SurveyUSA, asked 600 Washington state adults what they thought of Gov. Chris Gregoire's job performance, as well as that of the Legislature.

Sixty-nine percent of those polled said they disapprove of the job the Legislature is doing. Gov. Chris Gregoire's rating was slightly better 65 percent say they disapprove of her job performance.

I agree with them. They're no more frustrated than I am, said Gregoire.

The governor said she's not surprised people are upset with elected officials in the toughest economic period since the Great Depression.

She said she is frustrated with lawmakers who have not come to an agreement on a budget or tax proposal during this week's special legislative session at the Capitol.

Get it done, dad gummit, said Gregoire.

Senator Ed Murray, D-Seattle, said voters are upset with lawmakers across the country.

People have a right to be angry. They're losing their jobs, said Murray, Times are tough.

Murray estimated it could take lawmakers in Olympia another week before the session is adjourned. Murray said voter frustration will not force them to rush any votes through.

People want us to get it right, said Murray.

The special session is costing taxpayers $18,000 per day.

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