Here comes Valentine's Day and big sales in chocolate, flowers and greeting cards. Yeah, yeah,yeah. But to make this Valentine's Day a bit different, PC Mike Wendlad headed for the Web and has come up with some online suggestions on how to appreciate and celebrate the holiday in some creative, new ways.

A site called is not a bad place tp start, with their Love-O-Meter guide that offers Valentine suggestions for every stage of a relationship, from just met to long married.
Want some gift ideas? For Valentines's Day gifts for men, the RomanceStuck site suggests cufflinks with a secret personalized message from you, a photo collage mousepad... a Swiss Army knife with a USB flash drive built in.

For women, men need lots of help. Start with this list of the 15 gifts that women DON'T want to get like household items or memberships to diet programs. Bad ideas.
On the pother hand, Yahoo's Top Ten list says you cant go wrong with Red Roses, diamond jewelry and an iPod... perhaps preloaded with some cool love songs.
YouTube has a gazillion Valentine Day ideas, with videos on everything from how to make crafts to how to dress on the big day to this one, from a site calledAmazing, that gives you ides on how to make and decorate your own Valentine Day cookies and sweets.

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