WEST SEATTLE - It's been two long years and now it comes down to these final hours for family and friends of former University of Washington student Amanda Knox.

In West Seattle this morning her aunt, Janet Huff, sits in her home keeping vigil.

Knox is charged with murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, two years ago. Italian prosecutors claim Knox killed Kercher during a drug fueled sex game. Knox has maintained her innocence throughout the trial. Just before the jury went to deliberations, Knox spoke out one last time, saying she is not a murdered and she too wants justice for her roommate and friend Meredith Kercher.

Janet Huff, along with dozens of other family and friends in the states, are standing by waiting to hear with will happen to Amanda.

I'm just going to hold on to my blackberry like it's a lifeline! Huff says.

Amanda's immediate family is in Italy with her, but a contingent of family and friends are standing in Seattle. They will use text messages to get the outcome.

Once the jury reaches a decision there will be a two hour notification. If she is found guilty she faces life in an Italian prison. If innocent, an airline ticket has already been purchased and she will come home as soon as possible.

Her aunt Janet clings to that hope.

This is supposed to be the end and we're hoping it really is the end, she says.

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