LAKEWOOD, Wash. - The community of Lakewood is still trying to come to terms with the tragedy of the deaths of four police officers. From candlelight vigils to fundraisers for the officers' families, people are anxious to find some way to help.

Forza coffee's family of Baristas sport black arm bands Monday in a show of solidarity and support.

It just makes you feel like you can do something tangible, said Shiloh Nelson.

Nelson trains every barista before they start the jobs at Forza Coffee shops, including the two young women working early Sunday morning in Lakewood. They're hanging in there she says, barely.

Very difficult to experience the realm of feelings seeing something you could never imagine, said Nelson.

And this family is leaning on each other more than ever right now. And they're leaning on their community.

They need help, this is a very dramatic thing that happened and I just think that people should reach out and give them a hand, said a customer.

The community here is still in shock. Words of encouragement are still just words.

At a Christmas tree lot in Lakewood, getting into the holiday spirit won't be easy this year.

I think it puts a damper on things, it really does and I've got that feeling that it may just put a damper on a lot of things, said Richie Kings.

Back at Forza, as the donations pour in as fast as the coffee, reality starts to sink in for owner Brad Carpenter.

There's never going to be a way we can repay them for standing in harm's way, those officers were heroic, there's no way we can repay that debt, he said.

Forza Coffee is collecting donations for the officers' families until Jan. 1 at any of their 22 locations or through their Web site,

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