Video: Exotic animals seized from Thurston County home

OLYMPIA, Wash. ?- Nine exotic pets, including alligators and bobcats, have been seized by Thurston county animal officers at a home in Yelm. And it's not the first time they've dealt with the owner.

Gloria Gilbert, has been in trouble with the county before. Gilbert is on probation after pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges. Last year, officials seized ten starving animals Gilbert featured at a petting zoo at the Thurston County Fair. Alpacas, goats and a llama were some of the ten animals seized last summer.

The latest seizure came last month as officers from Thurston County Animal Services seized two alligators, a "Bearded Dragon" lizard, three lynx, two bobcats and a lynx-bobcat mix.

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Thurston County's Animal Services Officer said the animals were living in "substandard" conditions.

"A buildup of feces and urine," is how Officer Erika Quinn described the cages and the dog house the animals were living in.

"There was not enough water for the animals," said Quinn.

Quinn discovered the pets during a routine check of Gilbert's property.

As part of her plea agreement, Gilbert had to allow Quinn on her property to check the conditions of Gilbert's remaining animals.

At a court hearing next month, the county will try to prevent Gilbert from owning animals.

Gilbert could not be reached for comment.

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