Video: How to stop getting junk faxes

KENT, Wash. - Frank Reed gets his faxes sent to his computer through a service called eFax.

It worked great until he started getting unwanted travel offers.

"I get a lot of junk faxes," he said. "I probably get one a day."

The faxes came from a company called the Corporate Travel Department. He tried complaining to eFax without any success.

"Frankly it's become more of a burden than it has anything," Reed said.

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According to the Federal Communication Commission, it's illegal to send unsolicited faxes unless you have an established business relationship with the recipient. That means you've given the sender your number, you are publicly advertising your number, or a third party has permission to list your number.

If this happens to you, check the ad for an opt-out number. Call it. Then report the company to the FCC. They prosecute those who send junk faxes.

We called the Corporate Travel Department and told them to stop sending junk to Reed. Then we reported the business to the FCC.

The Do Not Call list does not apply in these cases. So if you get a junk fax, remember to file a complaint with the FCC and the attorney general's office.

Keep a copy of the fax. That piece of paper could cost the sender up to $11,000 in penalties.

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