BREMERTON, Wash. -- The two oldest sisters of missing six-year-old Bremerton girl, Jenise Wright, are speaking out for the first time. They say they feel the need to publicly defend their mother and stepfather and do what they can to make sure their baby sister is found.

People say the things they say about my mom, and it makes me mad and upset at the same time, said Coralise Almajero, Jenise's 23-year-old sister, because my mom is not like that. And it s hard for me not to lash out at other people because they don t understand what we re going through. This is my sister.

Almajero and her 20-year-old sister, Melanie Davis, say they are doing everything they can to help their family. The two adult sisters are taking care of the rest of the siblings, ages 16, 12 and 8, after CPS removed them from the Bremerton home. All of it, they say, is wearing hard on their mother.

From Jenise being gone, and CPS taking the kids away from her, it s tough. It s really tough on her, said Davis.

The sisters have taken to Facebook and social media to defend their mother and stepfather, who have been publicly criticized for giving their 6-year-old sister freedom to play in the neighborhood.

She stays in the neighborhood. She knows you don t leave, said Almajero. She knows you don t go in people s houses. You go and play with your friends, you come and check in.

They say people don t understand what they don t know.

You re not the one missing a sister or a daughter, Almajero said. You don t know how our family is. You don t know our family.

The sisters say their focus is to keep their siblings safe and keep the kids' minds off the fact that their baby sister is missing.

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