SKAGIT COUNTY - Make changes or move out. Residents in the Janicki Cove community fear they could be forced to leave if they don t comply with flood regulations. A recent state flood review revealed that 34 of the 39 homes were not in compliance with safety requirements, according to Skagit County officials.

They don't understand, just because this is a flood way, that it can be a safe place to live, said resident Roger Welborn.

Welborn and his wife have lived in Janicki Cove for 12 years. He said most residents are retired and do not have another place to go.

The people here in general will lose their homes and have to move. They will not be able to stay here because they do not have the funds to take their houses and move them and go somewhere else, said Welborn.

The neighborhood is located just south of Sedro Woolley along the Skagit River. County officials say Janicki Cove was originally developed as vacation and recreational use properties.

Building official Jack Moore said the lots were not meant to be permanent homes, but over the years people started living there full-time. The county is working with residents to make changes, which could allow some of them to stay.

Some of the buildings may have to be moved some of them have to be made ready to be moved in case of a flood, said county planning director Dale Pernula.

Welborn and other residents appreciate the county helping them through this process.

We just want to live a life and help each other and there should be more communities like this, said Welborn.

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