They are not just a community's volunteer firefighters any more - they and the people of Oso are now family.

The first couple of minutes when I first saw it, I was awestruck, said Chief John Harper of the Oso Fire Department.

Chief John Harper and some of his brothers in arms gathered to speak of those first few minutes.

They first began to realize how big the slide was when they were on the radios with the Darrington first responders who were on the other side of the slide and they realized they weren't hearing the same screams.

Everyone jumped into the mud, firefighters and nearby residents saved the baby and kept searching... never left, said Harper.

Their strength, they say, comes from the support of people across the Northwest and across the country.

Captain Seth Jefferds lost his wife and grandchild in the landslide.

It's been tough, it's been tough, he said. My family's gone.

He keeps working at the site with the others to try to give other families some peace.

These first responders recognize the families of those lost will be needing support for months or years.

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