April is Child Abuse Prevention month, and this year the main focus is on positive parenting.

Christine Baker, program coordinator for the Protection Program at Seattle Children's, joined us today to talk about what the month is all about, and why it matters.

Pinwheels for Positive Parenting is a grassroots campaign that began in 2007. This morning, nearly 5,000 pinwheels were finished being planted on the Seattle campus and over 2,000 at the Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center. The pinwheels serve as a visual reminder that everyone can be a voice for a child and support strong families and a strong community.

The Positive Parenting Pledge Campaign invites community members to write pledges on poster boards and share their individual commitments.

Edgar Gonzalez is a father who is part of the campaign. As a new angle this year, Edgar explains the focus on fathering, and the need to acknowledge and respect the unique and invaluable role of fathers.

To get involved:

Learn more about the prevention program here.

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