Darrington, Wash. -- For the last several days, the routine has been for volunteers who want to head out for search efforts to show up at the Darrington Fire Department. That hasn't changed, and neither have the hearts of those who want to serve.

Every day I can be out here, I will be out here, said Devin McCoy of Arlington.

He hasn't yet been selected to be an official volunteer.

Yesterday I came in at 7 and they had a meeting and after that they sent everyone out, and I didn't make the deployment list, he said.

But it hasn't stopped him from trying, rain or shine. Mother Nature has continued to dampen search efforts with the Stillaguamish River rising a foot since Friday where crews continue to dig with their hands.

We have had quite a bit of rain over the last two days and that has created a wet environment for search efforts, said Kris Rietmann, spokeswoman with the Washington Department of Transportation.

But she wasn't successful in flooding out the spirits of those refusing to sit back.

I'm a veteran and I was a medic in the army so I've got experience, McCoy said. I'll show up every day if I have to, but unfortunately, I have to go to work tomorrow, so I'll be back out Thursday or Friday to give it another shot.

Officials also said some of the volunteers are part of the memento collection crew. Their job is to collect personal belongings and mementos of families, and take the items through a decontamination process and ultimately reunite them with families.

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