SEATTLE-- A Seattle mother is reenergizing her efforts to get more lighting installed at a crosswalk where three people have been hit in the last few months, and her own son was seriously injured by a car nine years ago.

People still drive fast. They still don't stop, said Desiree Douglass, mother of 20-year-old Dominick, If it had worked, cars would stop for pedestrians, right?

Douglass is referring to changes Seattle's Department ofTransportation made after her son was hurt. The crosswalk, at 41st St. and Stone Way N, now has more signage,fewer parking spaces to improvevisionand more enforcement by Seattle Police. Stone Way N. is also three lanes now instead of four.

Ithink it's still a matter of time until there's more (injuries), commented Douglass, Idon't think we should take that time and put other people's lives at risk.

Monday night, Douglass presented her concerns to an SDOTrepresentative at a Fremont neighborhood council meeting.

The representative told the audience SDOT was looking at enhancing the crosswalk, with among other things, more lighting.

However, the department stressed, it would be expensive.

Douglass wonders why it's taking so long for city hall to make a decision. The crosswalk, she points out, is used frequently by school children who many times cannot see far down Stone Way because of its slope.

More than anything, Douglass stressed, the corner needs a pedestrian-activated flashing light.

We're talking about it, not because we're worried about us. It already happened, said Douglass, We're worried about kids and all those other people.

SDOTsaid enhanced lighting could be installed by 2016.

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