With the ability to process a quarter-million data points per second, the 5-inch prototype Project Tango smartphone from Google is certainly a high-tech device.

The phone, only being released to developers for now, contains proximity and spacial sensors. These sensors, like those found in Microsoft's Kinect Xbox controllers, are capable of 3D modeling.

Google, in an announcement Thursday, said they're making two hundred prototypes available to developers to see what they come up with. Far beyond a means of interacting with your smartphone, the technology is aware of its surroundings, position and orientation in real-time.

As for the goal of the project, Johnny Lee, with Google's ATAP said, The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

The research group inside Google hopes developers work up ideas for mapping interiors, processing sensor data, and of course, single and multi-player games. They're even hoping testers dream up new uses for the technology they haven't thought of yet.

Despite early issues surrounding battery drain, privacy, and the brains of the phone being able to keep up with all the data available, Google is releasing devices into the wild for early testing and application creation.

Developer applications are being accepted through mid-March via. Google's Project Tango website.

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