Inspired by the Sochi Winter Games, the KING 5 Morning team put it in four-wheel drive and headed up to Snoqualmie for a snowboard lesson.

Joyce, Mark, Rich, and Tracy had their game faces ready to go. Weekend morning anchor Greg Copeland joined the fun and Mimi held down the fort back in the newsroom. After getting their gear on, the crew met up with instructor Greg Nelson at Summit Central. Mark hurt his back (so he says), so he acted as the official commentator for the day.

With boards in hand, it was time to head for the bunny hill. That's right, no chair lift for this group. Except for Rich, an expert skier and snowboarder, who peeled off later for the big hill and provided a bird s eye view of his run with a GoPro.

Before that first run, Nelson showed the team how to strap on their boards and stand, then it was time to give it a go. Mark headed to the sidelines to take his position for the run.

Joyce was first down the hill. She did OK then stopped in her tracks -- too much powder. Her board needed waxing.

Next up, Tracy T experienced a Jam Factor of 10 after a spill down the short course. But Greg managed to get down the hill without a fall.

It snowed the entire time, but was a great day for the home team. Check out the full story on KING 5 News on KONG at 8:30 a.m. Friday to see how well everyone boarded by the end of the day.

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