A Tacoma chuch caught fire Monday morning for the second time in less than a year.

Some 40 firefighters were called in to battle the fire at the Golgotha Moldavian Baptist Church at 85th Street E. and Portland Avenue E.

Arianna Kelly was stunned.

It s unbelievable, she said.

The fire comes just five months after an arsonist set fire to the building. Damage then was estimated at $1 million.

They were trying to rebuild, until this deja vu with disaster.

For me, for the rest of the congregation, it s like an open wound, yeah it s hard for us, said Pastor Pavel Sandu.

When he first heard about the fire, he thought it was a sick joke. Then seeing firefighters struggling to gain control of the flames was like a gut punch.

The building is a total loss - more than $1 million in damage.

While the church is gone, Pastor Sandu there's still faith.

Some guy came and gave me five dollars and said that's my lunch but I want to give you this five bucks to rebuild your church, he said.

When you think nothing s left, Arianna says you always have hope.

I hope they build a new one and that everyone becomes closer from a hard tragedy, she said.

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