Of all the images captured during Wednesday's Super Bowl victory celebration, one stood out to us: Marshawn Lynch, beating on a drum as he entered the stadium. Now, we're meeting the fan who gave him that drum.

JohnScott is partLummi Indian, and brought his Native American drum with him, to make some noise on the parade route.

He says he and his family were camped out near the intersection of Second and Washington in downtown Seattle when the vehicle on which Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was riding stopped in front of them.

He was throwing Skittles to the opposite side of the truck, and I was banging my drum, said Scott. He heard the drum and turned and immediately gave me eye contact, the whole time, and he kept asking me for the drum, asking me for the drum.

At first, Scott thought Lynch just wanted to borrow it for a few seconds.

I thought he was just going to hit it a couple times and pass it back, but he asked if he could have it, and Ijust kinda tapped myself on the chest, like this is from my heart and this is to you Marshawn, and he rubbed the drum on his chest, like thanks man, this is on my heart, and Ijust told him to keep it and treasure it and threw him a peace sign. After that, he's been banging on the drum ever since, he said.

Lynch could be seen banging on the drum as he walked onto CenturyLink Field at the end of the parade.

Their exchange was not the only one between fan and player.

Richard Aho is the security manager at EMP, where the parade began. He's also a lifelong Seahawks fan.

He was positioned near the sidewalk when he says Russell Wilson started waving at him.

They handed out 12th man flags to all the players, and then Russell Wilson looked at me and waved his hand, like he doesn't have a 12th man flag, and I'm like looking around like, I don't know what to do, he said. I shrugged my shoulder and waved my hands and was like, this is all I have!

On Aho's hands were a pair of bright green and blue Seahawks gloves.

And he goes, give me those! Those Ilooked at my hands, took the gloves off, and gave them to Russell, Aho said. He had gloves on, but he took his off to represent the Seahawks colors.

Wilson could be seen throughout the parade, wearing Aho's gloves as he held waved from his vehicle and hoisted up the Lombardi Trophy at CenturyLinkField.

It was pretty awesome, I'm like, there's my gloves! said Aho. I mean, the guy is great, he brought the championship to Seattle,I'll definitely help him out.

Both Aho and Scott said they now feel a special connection to Wilson and Lynch.

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