TACOMA, Wash. -- A Puyallup man is sentenced to seven years in prison for a large pot growing operation and using a gun trying to protect it from intruders.

Surveillance video from December 2012 shows Jeremy Capodanno firing multiple shots into his home s garage where the two men were, killing them.

They were going to shoot me too, I just got them before they got me thats what it was, anyone would have done the same thing, said Capodanno.

When police arrived, they found Roy Piercy and Federick Adamkiewicz dead, armed and wearing masks. Investigators believe they targeted Capodanno, who at the time was home with his nine-year-old son.

They came for me, zip ties, duck tape, they had masks on, they both guns. They had pictures of my family, an aerial view of my house, they had a map to my house they had a black Audi parked a half mile away, said Capodanno, shortly after his sentencing.

The intruders intended to steal pot and money.

You would give your life up to give your kid a chance right? That s what I did. You re not going to come in and tie my kid up period, said Capodanno.

Capodanno claimed he feared for his safety and killed the two intruders out of self-defense. While he avoided charges for their deaths, a U.S. District Court Judge charged him with unlawful manufacture of pot and using a firearm in a gun crime.

Whenever you throw drugs and guns together, it s a much more volatile mix and we re much more likely to look at prosecuting that federally, said Vince Lombardi, Assistant U.S. Attorney.

While prosecutors say Capodanno s grow operation was bigger than what s allowed, the fact that a weapon was used in connection with it is what brought on charges.

If you re in that lifestyle, that business, you know that s a possibility, and that s why Congress made it illegal not only to deal drugs but to be an armed drug dealer, said Lombardi.

While Capodanno wrote a letter to the victim s family and expressed sorrow to those in the courtroom Friday, he has no regets.

I feel bad for the families yes absolutely, all I can say is God rest their souls and my heart goes out to them. You would give your life up to give your kid a chance right? Thats what I did, he said.

The 37-year-old must also forfeit nearly $670,000 from the sale of his two properties in Puyallup and Kent. Although a date has been set yet, prosecutors say Capodanno will voluntarily report to prison to start his sentence soon.

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