Here are some of the quotes from the Seattle Seahawks on Super Bowl Media Day Tuesday.

Head Coach Pete Carroll

(On whether it s Seattle s time similar to artist Macklemore s time) We ll find out. We re hoping to ride this momentum coming in. What Mack did this year was incredible and then finished up with a big night at the Grammy s, so that was exciting to watch that. We re all hoping to pull together, that s kind of the Seattle feel.

(On his Twitter activity) The Twitter thing we ve been doing for a long time. When it first kind of came out, we related to it. It s always been a great way to communicate and allow ourselves to stay in contact. It s worked out well and become somewhat of a big thing.

Quarterback Russell Wilson

(On playing in cold weather) In terms of the weather, it won't affect us at all. I don't mind. I played at the University of Wisconsin for a short period of time so I'm not really concerned about the weather. The biggest thing is the wind. Hopefully the wind isn't too bad, so it should be a good game.

(On his hair) People keep asking me about my hair and if that's a factor in the game. Normally, I keep my hair pretty low. I actually saw an 11th grade picture of my dad and I. When I was in 11th grade, we won the state championship. I had my hair grown out. I didn't cut my hair the whole year for that season and my dad didn't either, so it kind of inspired me for this year. That's kind of why I have the Michael Jackson/Bruno Mars S-curl right now.

Running back Marshawn Lynch

(On whether he enjoys media attention) Nope. I m just about action. You say hut and there s action. All the unnecessary talk, it don t do nothing for me. I appreciate that people want to hear from me, but I just go to work and do my thing. You feel me?

(On whether he understands that media attention helps connect him to the fans) I understand that. My fans love me regardless. They love the Seahawks. They aren t worried about what I ve got to say. They just want to make sure I show up to perform.

CornerbackRichard Sherman

(On how it feels to be compared to Muhammad Ali) It s very humbling. It s very humbling to be compared to Muhammad Ali because of all the serious ridicule that he went through, the serious racial degradation and stigmas that he had to fight the stereotypes he had to fight against. He had to really stand his ground and almost go to jail because he wanted to stand up for what he believed in. I think his situation was a lot more brave and a lot more serious than my situation is now, and he had to deal with a lot more scrutiny and just headaches and criticism. But it s a blessing because he s one of my biggest idols and a person who I really look up to.

(On if he understands that many people want to see him fail on Sunday) Oh I fully understand that. I ve fully understood that my entire life. It s been like that, people wanting to see you fail, but you stay focused on the task at hand and you pay the price.

Wide receiver Percy Harvin

(On if a good performance in the Super Bowl will salvage his season) I don t know if it would salvage it, but it would definitely just be a dream come true. As far as this season me being back and forth, I m not really looking it at it that way. I m looking at we got to the Super Bowl and I m glad to be part of this team and gearing up to play a game. I m not really worrying about the past games that I missed and the time I missed. I m here now, I m healthy and I m ready to go.

(On how much he sees the weather affecting the game) We are definitely tired of [hearing about] it. We know it s going to be cold. We re used to all of that playing in Seattle. We practice in it. We are tired of hearing about it. The best team and the team that can stay focused and have less turnovers will win the game.

Wide receiver Golden Tate

(On why he s wearing Google Glass and a GoPro camera) Really I thought it would be a great idea to try to film my experience through my eyes, literally through my eyes, for the 12 s. They ve supported us all year and we appreciate it so much. I figured this would be a small way for me to give back and for the people that aren t able to make it out, they can see this. I m looking forward to editing it out and moving forward with it.

(On having his own Super Bowl card) It s a dream come true. This is something, like I said, I ve dreamed of since I was a young boy. I remember being in the backyard playing with my older friends and my brother and my dad kicking punts. I would always put myself in the scenario of Super Bowl whatever number it was, fourth down on the 20-yard line with three seconds left. My dad throwing me a pass in the end zone to win the Super Bowl, that s a dream that s always been of mine. Now it could happen, it s actually a reality.

Fullback Derrick Coleman

(On the letter he received from the girl in New Jersey about his hearing aids) I retweeted it when I first saw it on Twitter. I think the biggest thing was that it was one of those things where she s not asking for anything, not a autograph or something. She s just saying, I have faith in you. You re my inspiration, and I hope you do well in everything you do. That kind of just touched my heart a little bit. It made me feel warm. So I just thought I would take five or 10 minutes before practice and reply to her. Every now and then that makes a big difference and that s kind of what I wanted to do. I m pretty sure that letter probably helped them take the next step or whatever they have to do.

(On if playing in the Super Bowl makes a statement to the deaf community) Yes. The hardest thing about being in the deaf community is getting over wall one. Everything I do is going to affect them in terms of perception. Everything they do is going to affect me. What I m doing now, getting the opportunity to play for the Seattle Seahawks and getting the chance to play in the Super Bowl, that s basically saying that when people are hard of hearing now, you can do it too. They re not going to be saying you can t do it because you re hard of hearing. I m making that step. That s why I go and talk to a lot of kids, because when they start making excuses and being lazy and people start getting that perception, they re going to come to me thinking I m the same way. Everything I do affects them and everything they do affects us.

Safety Earl Thomas

(On where L.O.B. came from) The 12 s our fans. Kam [Chancellor] started it on Twitter, and they kind of went with it. I m glad it happened. L.O.B. means so much to me, and obviously it s starting to catch on like wildfire across the country. It s well deserved because we put in the hard work.

(On if Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch is misunderstood) He is misunderstood. He is a quiet guy, but he s kind at heart. People think he s all tough. He really is that way, but he has a soft side to his heart. I didn t understand him at first, but once you are around a guy so long you understand him, especially in this journey we had this year. Everybody has become closer. It s been a great experience, and he s a great guy.

Linebacker Bobby Wagner

(On dealing with Manning s pre-snap checks) We just have to be focused. He s going to come to the line. He s going to make sure he checks his team into the right play and we re going to do the same.

(On playing the Super Bowl in cold weather) I m from California, so I like the heat, but at the end of the day, it s football. I think it helps the defense. If it s snowing and slushy, they will have to run the ball and I love it when they run the ball.

Defensive end Michael Bennett

(On what kind of candy he would want fans to throw at him if he were to score a touchdown) European truffles. Those candies are so good.

Tight end Luke Willson

(On what kind of candy he would want fans to throw at him if he were to score a touchdown) Nothing. Because, when Marshawn scores and you re the first one there, you get pelted with Skittles and it s only a matter of time before I get one in the eye, so I don t want anything thrown at me.

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