Bob Nelson, a Western Washington native and former writer and cast member on KING 5 s Almost Live, was nominated for an Academy Award Thursday for Best Screenplay for the movie Nebraska.

The film picked up a total of six nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Bruce Dern.

In the film, Dern plays a cranky old dad whose son is driving him from Montana to Nebraska to claim what he believes is a sweepstakes lottery prize. Along the way, Dern and his family come across old friends and relatives who have their own designs on his newly found fortune.

The idea for Nebraska actually came when I was working on Almost Live, and I used to go through the press and look for set-ups for the John Report. And at some point, I heard about older folks actually showing up at sweepstakes offices thinking they had won and they would be too nervous to put it in the mail so they would travel cross country, so it actually happened, said Nelson.

Nominees from Nebraska

  • Best Picture
  • Bob Nelson - Original Screenplay
  • Bruce Dern Actor
  • June Squibb Supporting Actress
  • Alexander Payne Director
  • Cinematography

Nelson was also previously nominated for a GoldenGlobe for his screenplay.

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