WEST SEATTLE - Tuesday night residents raised concerns about a proposed plan for Seattle to switch to biweekly garbage pickup.

Brett Stav with Seattle Public Utilities attended a community meeting in West Seattle to explain how it would work.

It is called the One Less Truck Project, said Stav. The city could save about $6 million dollars a year if we reduced our garbage collection from weekly to biweekly.

The city launched a pilot project in four Seattle neighborhoods for several months in 2012, testing out biweekly service. Read more about the project's findings here.

Some people said they were worried that less garbage pickups would create a smelly, pest magnet in their neighborhoods.

I would be more concerned about the hotter months in the Summer when stuff is just sitting out there rotting and getting nasty, said resident Steve Wakefield.

Seattle Public Utilities examined this proposed plan for city leaders. If the City Council and Mayor approve the biweekly schedule by the end of February, the new pickup plan would be implemented in 2015, according to SPU.

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