EVERETT - A Seattle police detective was sentenced to 90 days in jail for cyberstalking his former mistress. Detective David Blackmer was emotional as he read a two page statement inside a Snohomish County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

I apologize for my actions to the victim, my family, and those who I have disappointed, said Detective Blackmer.

In December, Blackmer pleaded guilty to cyberstalking/domestic violence. According to court records, he posted racy photos of his former lover online and threatened her after she showed up at his house to tell his wife about the affair.

In addition to the jail time, Blackmer will be on probation for five years. The prosecutor also asked the judge to ban the detective from possessing a firearm.

He s not being punished because he is a police officer. This recommendation is not an atypical recommendation, said Randy Yates, prosecutor.

The judge denied the request. Blackmer s attorney said the sentence could allow his client to return to law enforcement.

The main reason we had this hearing was to address his right to possess a firearm, his right to continue as a police officer whether that's with the Seattle Police Department or somewhere else, said Ryan Wood, Blackmer s attorney.

Wood said Blackmer is still suspended from the police department with pay. Blackmer is expected to report to jail next month.

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