SEATTLE- There is a lot on the line for the Seattle Seahawks this weekend. With a 12-3 record, there is no guarantee Seattle will play a postseason game at CenturyLink Field, but with a win on Sunday the team could clinch home-field advantage.

Even with the uncertainty, some season ticket holders are selling the rights to their home playoff tickets and fans are buying them.

I think the going rate for where my seats are is about $350 dollars with face value being about $100 that's pretty nice, said David Brunelle, Seahawks fan.

If a playoff game is played in Seattle, Brunelle and his wife are strongly considering selling their tickets. The couple is in the process of moving and plans on using the money to buy new furniture.

With the money we make from selling the tickets we could actually have a brand new sofa to watch the game on at home, said Brunelle.

Season ticket holders can reserve their seats for the playoffs without making payment until the game is scheduled, according to the Seahawks website.

On ticket websites, there are listings for the Divisional Playoff Game and the NFC Championship Game at CenturyLink Field.

Games that might not even happen, said James Kimmel with Epic Seats.

Kimmel said many season ticket holders opt to sell playoff tickets because they can get up to four times the face value.

You can pay for a good portion of your season ticket cost through the playoffs especially with that NFC Championship Game, said Kimmel.

If the games aren t played in Seattle, Epic Seats and StubHub offer refunds to the buyer.

Brunelle is hoping for two home playoff games so he can sell tickets to one and attend the NFC Championship Game.

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