Life changed for a Seattle family Thanksgiving night, when a car thief, fleeing police, slammed into them, sending four of them to the hospital.

Every day at noon, Sydney Franklin picks her kids up at school. Two of them are now in wheelchairs, and often the staff at Stevens Elementary helps her get them to the car.

We tried full day, and full day was too exhausting for them, said Franklin.

Getting around is far from a typical task, since the car crash Thanksgiving night.

Life for the family is now an uphill battle. The father, Calvin Washington needs a walker to get around. 6 year old Camille has a broken nose. She is the only one who remembers the accident.

She remembers calling for her dad asking her dad to help her, said Franklin.

5 year old Calvin Jr. has a broken femur and wears a blue and green cast on his right leg. He picked the colors because they're Seahawks colors.

10 year old Callia's injuries were the worst.

A laceration to her spleen, liver, and her lung. And her pelvic bone is broken, said Franklin.

According to prosecutors, Abdinjib Ibraham crashed into the family car while fleeing police in a stolen vehicle. He now faces multiple charges, including three counts of vehicular assault.

I think the guy should be really sad that he made somebody's life more harder than it already is, said Callia Washington.

Calvin Washington works as a truck driver, but his injuries and his vertigo keeps him from returning to his job. The family is now relying on relatives to pay the rent.

Yet the tragedy helped the Washingtons realize how fortunate they are. Their doctor's office is donating Christmas gifts for the family. The PTA at Stevens Elementary organized to have meals and food brought to the house.

I am so blessed that my kids are in this school, said Franklin. They've been supporting us through this whole time.

No matter how hard life has become, Franklin looks past the crutches, the casts and the injuries.

I think we got our Christmas gift and that's our family at home, Franklin said. Healing.

If you'd like to help the family, contact Sydney Franklin at

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